Vendor Forms for Trekfest XXXIII

If you’re interested in participating in Trekfest XXXIII as a food vendor or as part of our swap meet, forms are located here

Please fill out and email to marketing@trekfest.org or mail to:


PO Box 55

Riverside, IA 52327

We look forward to seeing you in June!

2 thoughts on “Vendor Forms for Trekfest XXXIII”

  1. I am the President of Humanists of Linn County.We’ve been in your parade and had a booth the last couple of years. Which form should I fill out and what is the cost? Thank you!

    1. Hi Roxanne, please fill out the vendor form and email me at marketing@trekfest.org. I will check if there is a cost for non-profit groups. For the parade, there isn’t any form, please just come and be ready prior to it starting.

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